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Transformers Energon Rewrite Episode 5
Episode 5: “The New Cybertron City”
Rewritten & Edited by: Ethan Cleveland & Kevin Keays
(Opening Theme)
(The scene opens up to Kicker walking through an empty snowy wasteland surrounded by fog, occasionally stopping and sensing something and looking around the fog-covered area until he spots a bright yellow beam of light shining down from the sky in the distance.)
Kicker: It’s an energon beam. (runs towards the beam until he’s right under its light; looks around) There’s energon out here? (looks down at the icy ground) How did I get here? What is this place? (the fog and light of the beam clears up in front of him to reveal a giant icy mountain) That mountain, I’ve seen it before (quickly cuts to Kicker jolting awake in bed in his room at Ocean City revealing it was all a dream) Man, what a weird dream. (sits up in his bed and turns to his laptop next to his bed and begins looking up images of mountains to find the one h
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Transformers Energon Rewrite Episode 4
Episode 4: “The Spark Saber”
Rewritten & Edited by: Ethan Cleveland & Kevin Keays
(Opening Theme)
(The scene opens up to the body of Unicron as Alpha Q is speaking and a Divebomb Terrocon flies in carrying an energon crystal)
Alpha Q: (stern voice) It won’t be much longer until our worlds are restored to their former glory. (jolly voice in a whiny tone) Oh, but those Terrocons never bring enough energon! At this rate, we’ll be waiting eons for our home to be rebuilt. (stern voice) Patience, my brother, patience. (zooms into an opening of Unicron’s body to show Alpha Q’s orange angry face and his voice changes) No, I am sick of waiting any longer! The reason we haven’t gathered enough energon is because the Autobots keep interfering with our plan! They must be eliminated at once! (switches to his green stern face) Yes, they have been getting in the way recently. (switches to the jolly white face) And I know just the way to
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Portal Heroes Inferno vs Inferno
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Episode 5: “The New Cybertron City”

Rewritten & Edited by: Ethan Cleveland & Kevin Keays



(Opening Theme)


(The scene opens up to Kicker walking through an empty snowy wasteland surrounded by fog, occasionally stopping and sensing something and looking around the fog-covered area until he spots a bright yellow beam of light shining down from the sky in the distance.)

Kicker: It’s an energon beam. (runs towards the beam until he’s right under its light; looks around) There’s energon out here? (looks down at the icy ground) How did I get here? What is this place? (the fog and light of the beam clears up in front of him to reveal a giant icy mountain) That mountain, I’ve seen it before (quickly cuts to Kicker jolting awake in bed in his room at Ocean City revealing it was all a dream) Man, what a weird dream. (sits up in his bed and turns to his laptop next to his bed and begins looking up images of mountains to find the one he saw in his dream) Okay let’s see. Where is it? (searching through the mountain images until he finds the mountain from the dream) Bingo, it must be an energon point.

(The scene transitions to the real icy mountain where it shows Kicker (in his armored suit) riding Grindor through the snow)

Kicker: Woo-hooo! Good, at least I’m in the right place. (continues riding through the snow; cuts to Strongarm in the mountain area as well)

Strongarm: Have you found anything out there yet, Kicker?

Kicker: (voice through the communicator) No, I’ll have to expand my search range.

Strongarm: It might be a good idea to move our camp closer to this location. We’re a long way from the others.

Kicker: (passes by on Grindor; voice) Don’t worry, I know there’s energon out here.

Strongarm: Okay, keep looking. I’ll meet you here in an hour. (Kicker comes to a stop on Grindor and turns toward Strongarm)

Kicker: You don’t have to leave, do you? Just tell the others to meet up with us.

Strongarm: Oh, I can’t do that. I’d feel bad if I make them all my heavy tools all the way out here. (walks off)

Kicker: Those Omnicons are real team players. (rides off on Grindor; cuts to Hot Shot & Roadbuster in the mountain area also carrying heavy loads of metal crates but stop to see Demolishor standing by himself and looking up at the sky)

Roadbuster: What’s going on with Demolishor?

Hot Shot: Who knows, he’s been like this ever since the attack on Plains City.

Demolishor: (to himself) If the rumor that Cyclonus told me was real, does that mean that Galvatron is still alive? And if he’s out there then why doesn’t he show himself?

(The scene then cuts to the body of Unicron where the Terrocons are sending in more stolen energon onto the surface as Cyclonus and Tidal Wave appear with the Terrocons)

Cyclonus: (laughs) Energon delivery!

Tidal Wave: Galvatron will be pleased.

Cyclonus: Well, I guess we better see if we can find his meanness. (he and Tidal Wave then slowly fly into one of the opening of Unicron’s damaged armor as they begin searching for Galvatron) Hello, Galvatron! Where are you? It’s Cyclonus at your service! Where is he? (stops and finds the husk of Galvatron preserved in the walls in front of them; in surprise) G-G-Galvatron! (flies toward his corpse with Tidal Wave following; cackling) Man, the boss is really in bad shape. Galvatron, its me Cyclonus!

Tidal Wave: Galvatron.

Cyclonus: (gets very close to Galvatron’s husk) Talk to me, your evilness! I’m here for you! (begins beating his hand against the husk) Yoo-hoo! Anybody in there?! (beats on it some more)

Tidal Wave: (swats Cyclonus against a wall) Stop that!

Cyclonus: (bounces off the wall after hitting it and flies to Tidal Wave and Galvatron’s corpse) How come he won’t wake up?

Tidal Wave: I don’t know.

(they see Scorponok enter into the corridor and then land down in front of him and begin questioning him)

Scorponok: What do you two want?

Cyclonus: Hey, were you lying when you told us that Galvatron could be revived?

Scorponok: You mean you don’t believe me? Watch yourself, I have this sword that was forged from the energon within Galvatron’s spark and I will not hesitate to use it on you, got it?

Cyclonus: (back off a little) Hey, can you take it easy? I just want to help out the boss, that’s all!

Tidal Wave: Galvatron.

Scorponok: Then be quiet! Get more.

Cyclonus: What?

Scorponok: We need a lot more energon. (he, Cyclonus & Tidal Wave hear Alpha Q’s angry voice)

Alpha Q: (angry voice) Yes, bring us more, bring us more! (jolly voice) Listen Decepticons, there is not enough energon to awaken Galvatron. Not enough! (angry voice) Bring it to us and then we begin the revival! (stern voice) You know what you must do! Now go get the energon!

Cyclonus: (in a nervous tone) Uh, right.

Tidal Wave: Yes, must revive Galvatron. (both transform, fly out and head for Earth)

(cuts to Cybertron where it shows Optimus’ vehicle drones rebuilt and upgraded from the last attack as Rad and Dr. Jones are shown speaking with Optimus through the monitor)

Rad: Optimus, the upgrades on the Prime Force are complete so I’ll send it to you right now. And with all the improvements, I’m sure it will be even better than before.

Optimus: Thank you, I’m eager to test it out.

Dr. Jones: Though how are things going over there, Optimus?

Optimus: Well right now, Kicker is out searching for a new energon point.

Dr. Jones: When you find it, make sure to send me the exact coordinates right away.

Optimus: Yes. I’ll do that, Dr. Jones.

Rad: Okay Optimus, I’m sending the new Prime Force through the space bridge now. Get ready. (shows the four vehicle drones coming out of the space bridge to Ocean City where Optimus is out there waiting and jumps into the air)

(Optimus Prime Super Mode Powerlinking sequence)

(lands down on his feet and feels the improvements of the upgraded Prime Force through the movements of his body)

Optimus: Feels much smoother now, I like it. (cuts to the main sector in Ocean City where Optimus (out of super mode) walks in towards Inferno and Jetfire) Is everything under control?

Inferno: (turns to Optimus) Yes, we’re fine.

Optimus: Good, let me know when Hot Shot reports in. As soon as we have the coordinate of the energon point, send them to Dr. Jones.

Jetfire: (turns to Optimus) Do you think it’s a good idea, sir?

Optimus: Yes, why not?

Jetfire: Its just that our transmission could be intercepted by the enemy or worse, it could be used against us by a member of the recon team.

Optimus: What do you mean?

Jetfire: I’m talking about Demolishor, sir.

Optimus: That’s enough, Jetfire!

Jetfire: But…

Optimus: I said that’s enough. He once was a Decepticon, but now he’s part of our team.

Jetfire: (disappointed) Yes sir.

(cuts back to the snowy mountain area where Strongarm, Hot Shot, Roadbuster & Demolishor are seen walking with all except Demolishor carrying metal crates)

Roadbuster: (talks to Demolishor walking behind him) Hey, why don’t you help carry some stuff?

Demolishor: No, I’m not some kind of pack animal. That’s a job for rookies like you.

(Roadbuster comes to a halt and sets down the crates he’s carrying)

Roadbuster: (in an offended manner) Uh, what was that? (turns to Demolishor) Who are you calling a rookie, pal?!

Demolishor: You heard me!

Roadbuster: (growls in annoyance and steps up close to Demolishor) Take that back!

Demolishor: Go ahead and try! (gets in closer to Roadbuster) If you got the guts.

Roadbuster: Yeah?

Demolishor: Listen, you just better watch yourself rookie or else.

Roadbuster: I don’t trust you one bit!

Demolishor: Oh yeah? (he and Roadbuster get up in each other’s faces and growl at each other until Hot Shot comes in between them and separates them)

Hot Shot: Hey you two, cut it out! Roadbuster, what is it exactly that you don’t trust about Demolishor?

Roadbuster: Well he’s a Decepticon. Everybody knows that you can’t trust them.

Hot Shot: Hey, watch it! With that kind of attitude, no wonder Demolishor doesn’t want to stay with us. (Roadbuster breathes in and back down a bit; turns to Demolishor) Demolishor, I understand that its difficult for you as a Decepticon, but remember you’re part of our team now.

Demolishor: (pushes Hot Shot out of his way and walks by himself) I’m not taking orders from you, No way! (to himself) Autobots, they think they’re so smart.

(cuts to Kicker & Grindor still riding through the mountains searching for the energon point until Kicker sees the air around him is slowly getting surrounded in fog)

Kicker: Oh no, the fog is rolling in. If this keeps up, I’m not gonna be able to find that energon point today. (The communicator in his helmet beeps as he hears Hot Shot through the communicator)

Hot Shot: (voice) Kicker, can you hear me?

Kicker: Yeah.

Hot Shot: It’s starting to snow here. How ‘bout we all head back to camp till this snow blows over?

Kicker: Okay, I’m on my way back right now (turns around on Grindor and heads back the other way; the snow is starting to fall where Kicker is) No, its starting to snow here too! (cuts to Kicker’s point of view where the snow is so thick that its interfering with his vision) I can’t see anything! I got to get out of this snowstorm. (turns on Grindor in another direction in the snow until they bump into a piece of ice in the ground which causes the icy ground below them to crack and break open as both Kicker & Grindor fall to the bottom of the newly created ravine; cuts back to Hot Shot, Roadbuster, Demolishor & Strongarm in the snow)

Hot Shot: Kicker, what happened? Kicker, come in! Come in!

Roadbuster: He must be in trouble! He needs our help, Hot Shot!

Hot Shot: Okay, we’ll split into two groups. Stay in contact.

Demolishor: I’ll go alone. The last thing I need is someone looking over my shoulder.

Hot Shot: No, team up with Roadbuster. You two need to get better acquainted anyway. (Demolishor groans to himself and walks off with Roadbuster reluctantly following him) Be careful, that’s an order.

Roadbuster: (turns back to Hot Shot) Yes sir, understood. (continues following Demolishor)

Hot Shot: (turns to Strongarm) Strongarm, you need to stay here in case Kicker comes back. Sit tight for now and keep your eyes open.

Strongarm: Yes sir! (Hot Shot heads off on his own to find Kicker)

(cuts back to the icy ravine where Kicker & Grindor are at the very bottom of the ravine with Grindor planted nose first in the snow at the bottom and Kicker in an unconscious state. The scene moves further in and focuses on Kicker’s head as the scene fades to a flashback where the ship the Axalon is cruising through space and onboard the ship in one of the rooms is young Kicker playfully floating along with his young sister Sally due to the zero gravity as their mother Miranda is reading and their father Dr. Jones is doing research; Kicker floats right beside his father)

Kicker: Dad, so when do we get to Earth?

Dr. Jones: Not long, son.

Kicker: (ecstatic) Yeah! Alright, we’ll be home soon!

Dr. Jones: No, we have to make one stop before we get back home.

Kicker: But why?

Dr. Jones: You know why, we need energon. We have to find some before we can get back home.

Kicker: (unhappy) Oh, I don’t want to look for energon! It’s no fun anymore! (floats out of the room in a fit; transitions to a rocky planet where Dr. Jones & Kicker (both wearing spacesuits) are seen driving a rover until Kicker’s hair flashes yellow as he sense nearby energon and cuts to Kicker setting a coordinate stick in the spot he detected energon at)

Dr. Jones: Way to go, Kicker! (picks up Kicker & hugs him)

Kicker: Now that was just way too easy!

(the flashback scene expands to show Skyblast & Strongarm Omnicons mining at the point Dr. Jones & Kicker marked)

Dr. Jones: We’ll have to stay a few weeks until the Omnicons finish mining the energon.

Kicker: (sees the Omnicons at work) Boy, they sure are hard workers. (the scene later transitions to a sandstorm occurring on the planet with Dr. Jones covering and protecting Kicker in his arms) I’m scared.

Dr. Jones: Don’t worry, son. I’m right here.

(fades back to present; Kicker slowly wakes up at the bottom of the ravine)

Kicker: (dazed) Dad? (slowly gets up on his knees; to himself) Why was I dreaming of dad? (groans from the pain in his left shoulder from the fall and gets back up on his feet; looks up at the opening of the ravine) Man, that was quite a fall I took.

(cuts to Hot Shot is still on the search for Kicker in the snowstorm)

Hot Shot: Kicker, where are you!? Kicker?! (his communicator beeps and hears Kicker’s voice)

Kicker: Hot Shot, I hear you!

Hot Shot: Kicker, are you okay?

(cuts back to Kicker in the ravine)

Kicker: Yeah, I’m fine. I just banged up my shoulder a bit. (turns around to see Grindor still nose-planted in the snow) Hey Grindor, are you alright?

Grindor: (transforms to robot mode and makes beeping noises as a sign that he’s okay)

Hot Shot: (voice) What happened anyway? Do you know where you are?

Kicker: I fell into a ravine. I’m not sure where exactly.

(cuts to Strongarm as he hears Hot Shot on the communicator as well as Roadbuster & Demolishor who also hear the update)

Hot Shot: (voice) Guys, Kicker’s trapped in a ravine. We have to go deep down to help him, meet me there.

Strongarm: On it, Hot Shot!

Roadbuster: Yes sir!

(cuts to Ocean City where Inferno finds an enemy signal heading straight to the mountains where Kicker and the others are)

Inferno: Optimus, I’m sensing an enemy warp signal.

Optimus: Where’s the enemy heading, Inferno?

Inferno: Oh no, they’re heading straight for Kicker!

Optimus: What!? (turns to Jetfire) Jetfire, alert Hot Shot right away!

(cuts back to Hot Shot who hears Jetfire on the communicator)

Jetfire: (voice) Hot Shot, there’s an enemy force heading your way! Be on the look out!

(Hot Shot begins looking around until he hears Cyclonus laughing as the Decepticon slowly appears out from the fog in the sky in helicopter mode)

Hot Shot: Cyclonus!

Cyclonus: (laughs) How’s the weather down there, Hot Shot!? Kind of a snowy day for a walk, isn’t it? (laughs some more) Okay, where’s the energon? (Tidal Wave then appears above Cyclonus in space cruiser mode with a swarm of Terrocons accompanying them)

Tidal Wave: Energon! We want it!

Hot Shot: Tidal Wave, there’s not a single ounce of energon here! And even if there was, you wouldn’t get it from me!

Cyclonus: Then I guess I’m gonna have to ask Demolishor! (blasts a laser from his guns at Hot Shot, but Hot Shot jumps back and dodges it; the ground beneath Hot Shot’s feet is starting to rumble)

Hot Shot: Oh no, what’s happening!? (The snow and ice beneath him becomes an avalanche which makes him slide away)

Cyclonus: Tidal Wave, let’s go find Demolishor! (flies off laughing through the snow with Tidal Wave and the Terrocons following; cuts to Hot Shot’s hand emerging from the pile of snow from the avalanche showing he’s still alive)

(cuts to Roadbuster & Demolishor walking until they get a surprise attack from Divebomb Terrocons in the sky)

Roadbuster: Terrocons! (activates his energon star which sends out the energon axe from episode 3 and Roadbuster grabs hold of it and jumps into the air, destroying Divebombs all around him with the axe while Demolishor defends himself by firing at the Divebombs with his cannon hands and blowing them)

(cuts to Kicker & Grindor trying hard to get out of the ravine by riding out of it but the ravine is so steep that they’re unable to hover any higher and crash back down)

Kicker: Man, this is just too steep to get out of! (The sides of the ravines start rumbling and ice and snow start tumbling down in a little avalanche as Kicker & Grindor duck in cover; the avalanche stops) An avalanche? (sees something) Hey, that could be our way out! (Grindor transforms into hoverboard mode as Kicker hops on top and they start riding up the slope of the avalanche) Come on, Grindor! You can do it! (the top of the slope comes to a stop in the middle of the ravine) Oh man, it doesn’t look like you have enough power to make it out of here, buddy. (suddenly his hair flashes yellow under his helmet as he senses energon near him; he walks to the walls of the ravine and sensing energon behind them) I found the energon! Its right behind this rock!

(cuts back to Roadbuster & Demolishor still firing at the Divebombs around them and blowing them up until Hot Shot appears in sports car mode and drives to them)

Hot Shot: Transform! (transforms to robot) Everyone alright here? (starts firing at the Divebombs with his blaster)

Roadbuster: Yeah, but what about Kicker?

Hot Shot: I sent Strongarm to the ravine to help him get out! We have to make sure these guys don’t get any closer! (continues firing at the Terrocons)

Roadbuster: Roger! (continues firing as well)

(cuts to Demolishor still firing at Divebombs in the sky until Cyclonus & Tidal Wave appears)

Cyclonus: (laughs) There you are, Demolishor!

Tidal Wave: Where’s the energon?

Demolishor: (surprised) What? Cyclonus! Tidal Wave!

Cyclonus: Demolishor, haven’t you figured it out yet? Your place is not on their side, its with us!

Hot Shot: (fires at more Divebombs and turn toward Demolishor) Demolishor, you’re our friend! You know you can trust us! (continues firing at more Terrocons)

Demolishor: I’m your friend?

Cyclonus: Sheesh, Demolishor! Don’t be such a sap! He’s only saying that! (spots Strongarm in the distance and starts flying toward that direction) Hey look, an Omnicon! That must be where the energon is!

Hot Shot: Oh no you don’t! (fires at Cyclonus who begins dodging his laserfire)

Cyclonus: (narrowly dodging Hot Shot’s blasts) Hey watch it! Whoa, that was a close one!

(cuts to the ravine where Strongarm arrives and looks down to see Kicker & Grindor)

Kicker: (waving his arms around) I’m down here! I’m down here!

Strongarm: Kicker, are you alright?

Kicker: I’m managing.

(Strongarm activates a device which sends a siphoning pipe down the ravine for Kicker & Grindor to use as a rope however the pipe stops ten feet above Kicker’s head meaning its not long enough)

Kicker: What happened? It doesn’t even reach?

Strongarm: That’s all the pipe I have! Can you grab it?

Kicker: I guess I’ll have to. (hops on Grindor in hoverboard mode as they try to hover up a little more to grab hold of the pipe) Come on, Grindor! Just a little bit more! (hover up a little more until Kicker is close enough as he jumps off Grindor and grabs hold of the pipe; Grindor transforms and grabs on too) Okay, got it! Pull us up! (Strongarm activates the device which brings the pipe back up and Kicker & Grindor have finally made it out of the ravine) Man, am I glad to be out of there, Strongarm. Okay, now go ahead and transmit the coordinates.

Strongarm: (holding a coordinate stick) You got it. (plants the stick into place where they are)

Kicker: (hears screeches and turns to see Terrocons are heading straight to where they are) Oh no, looks like we got company! (suddenly in the nick of time, a space bridge opens up in the sky and Optimus & Inferno drive out of it)

(Transformation sequence: Optimus Prime)

(Transformation sequence: Inferno)

(Optimus & Inferno land on their feet and open fire on the approaching Terrocons and blowing some up; Roadbuster, Demolishor & Hot Shot then join Inferno, Kicker & Strongarm and they are grouped together as Optimus is in front of them)

Optimus: Anyone injured?

Kicker: No but we did send the data for the energon point just now.

Optimus: Good, then we better move out of here.

Kicker: What but I thought we were gonna defend the energon point?

Hot Shot: Optimus, what is going on?

Optimus: Trust me. I got it all under control. Now let’s roll out! (The Autobots transform and they and Kicker roll out of the area; cuts to the Battle Ravages running at the energon point and start digging through the snow for the energon as Cyclonus & Tidal Wave watch)

Cyclonus: (laughing) Oh look, they’re running away and they left all of that energon behind!

(cuts to Cybertron where Rad is reporting the news to Dr. Jones)

Rad: Dr., I’ve linked the space bridge with the new energon point and we’re ready to initiate whenever you are.

Dr. Jones: (turns to Jetfire on the monitor) Jetfire, are you ready on that end?

Jetfire: We’re all set here. The recon team was able to withdrawal to the safety zone without any problems.

Dr. Jones: Good.

(the scene then cuts to the moon where a giant shadow appears over the moon’s surface as the object is heading for Earth where it enters Earth’s atmosphere at the energon point’s precise location and is revealed to be a gigantic Cybertronian city structure coming from the sky slowly which gets the attention of Cyclonus, Tidal Wave & the Terrocons)

Cyclonus: (shocked) What is that thing!?

(cuts to the Autobots watching it come down from a safe distance)

Optimus: I knew Dr. Jones would come through.

Kicker: That’s from my dad?

Roadbuster: I don’t believe it, its Cybertron City!

Inferno: It’s incredible!

Strongarm: It’s gigantic!

Hot Shot: It sure is!

(Cybertron City is slowly hovering down to the ground which sends the Terrocons into a retreat while most of them were unfortunate enough to be crushed under the enormous city as it lands and secures firmly to the ground below it; cuts to Cyclonus and Tidal Wave)

Cyclonus: I don’t know what happened but I don’t like it!

(in the sky, even more swarms of Divebombs arrive with Scorponok leading them)

Scorponok: Curses! They’ve sealed a new energon point! Cyclonus, did you get any energon?

Cyclonus: What do you think?! (Scorponok gets up in Cyclonus’ face)

Scorponok: Alpha Q gave you a direct order! Do it!

(the Terrocons attack the newly placed Cybertron City but are quickly blasted and destroyed by a series of laser cannon turrets secured on the city’s exterior while Scorponok dodges the lasers and uses the Spark Saber from episode 4 to shield him from the laser turrets but is unaware that he’s being scanned by SIGNAL FLARE, the leader of a third Omnicon class)

Signal Flare: (to himself) That’s it, Scorponok. Hold it right there. (Skyblast walks up to him)

Skyblast: Hey, what are you doing?

Signal Flare: Oh, just doing a little scanning for cloning purposes.

Skyblast: (chuckles) That’s pretty unusual for an Omnicon.

Signal Flare: Well Skyblast, I’m just planning for the future that’s all.

(the turrets continue destroying more and more attacking Terrocons; Scorponok growls in anger while Cyclonus flies by him)

Cyclonus: Oh, its no use! They’re killing all of our Terrocons!

Scorponok: Then we have no choice, its time to withdrawal! Terrocons retreat! (he, Cyclonus, Tidal Wave and the remaining Terrocons retreat back into space as Demolishor watches)

Demolishor: (in his mind) Galvatron can’t be alive. If he were then he would’ve shown himself out on the front for sure. At least, that’s the Galvatron that I remember.

(The Autobots enter in Cybertron City and are amazed by his new upgrades)

Optimus: Well, its good to be back home.

Hot Shot: These new defenses are amazing!

Inferno: That’s right, the defenses are enough to send any enemy into a retreat. And if we use the same defense technology with the other cities, then we might have a much better chance at protecting the energon.

Optimus: Good thinking, Inferno. We shall very put it to good use.

(the scene then transitions to Kicker looking up at the sky on the exterior of Cybertron City)

Kicker: (in his mind) My dad really came through to all of us today. (remembers the part of the flashback where his dad was comforting him when he was scared as a kid on the energon expedition) And when I think back to when I was a kid and all those energon explorations we did together, he was always looking out for me too. I thought all he cared about was research, but he’s still protecting me. Even now.


(End Credits)




Episode 4: “The Spark Saber”

Rewritten & Edited by: Ethan Cleveland & Kevin Keays


(Opening Theme)


(The scene opens up to the body of Unicron as Alpha Q is speaking and a Divebomb Terrocon flies in carrying an energon crystal)

Alpha Q: (stern voice) It won’t be much longer until our worlds are restored to their former glory. (jolly voice in a whiny tone) Oh, but those Terrocons never bring enough energon! At this rate, we’ll be waiting eons for our home to be rebuilt. (stern voice) Patience, my brother, patience. (zooms into an opening of Unicron’s body to show Alpha Q’s orange angry face and his voice changes) No, I am sick of waiting any longer! The reason we haven’t gathered enough energon is because the Autobots keep interfering with our plan! They must be eliminated at once! (switches to his green stern face) Yes, they have been getting in the way recently. (switches to the jolly white face) And I know just the way to do it. (Alpha Q uncoils from his post and slithers towards the husk of Galvatron whose chest has a glowing purple spark shining from it; switches to the stern face) I see, we could use the energon inside his spark. (switches back to the white jolly face) Yes, let’s set the plan in motion. Alert Scorponok, Cyclonus and Tidal Wave!

(cuts to a sector in Ocean City where Jetfire is trying to teach Roadbuster to Powerlink with him. Jetfire forms the upper half and Roadbuster forms the lower half as they try to connect together)

Jetfire: Okay, don’t move! (They connect but Roadbuster accidentally slips out from the connection and falls down; Jetfire is fed up and tired) Alright, that’s enough training!

Roadbuster: (gets up) Come on Jetfire, let’s go one more time.

Jetfire: Listen, I keep telling you that you’ve got to feel the pulse of your Combination Spark as you link up with me. If you can’t sense the vibration of it by now, then we might as well give up. It’s no use. (turns and walks out of the room) Catch you later.

Roadbuster: (disappointed) Yeah, okay. See ya. (sighs; hears Inferno’s voice)

Inferno: (voice) I’m sure you will accomplish that ability pretty soon.

Roadbuster: (turns around to see Inferno standing behind him) Oh hey, Inferno. What are you doing here?

Inferno: I’ve been watching you two practice on powerlinking. You remind me of my twin brother Roadblock. Back on Cybertron, we showed great respect towards each other and I helped him learn how to master the ability when he had his combination spark. Because of that, he is currently a member of his own team and hopefully one day, will become a great soldier.

Note: In this rewrite, instead of being a reformatted version of Inferno, Roadblock is Inferno’s twin brother.

Roadbuster: Whoa, you and your brother must go way back.

Inferno: Yes and as brothers we always stick by each other’s side. That is why I am confident that you can achieve your goals. You shouldn’t let anything get in your way, In order to get something done, you have to believe in yourself, understand.

Roadbuster: Wow, you’re right! Thanks for the inspiring pep talk, Inferno.

Inferno: No problem. Just remember to believe in yourself no matter what situation you’re in.

Roadbuster: Thanks Inferno, you’re a true friend. (Inferno’s eye widen a little and he smiles)

(cuts to the ruins of the base on Mars as a group of Autobot troopers are searching around the area)

Trooper #1: There’s still no sign of the recon ship from Earth, sir.

Trooper #2: I wonder what’s taking them so long. We sent a transmission days ago and ever since we discovered this energon supply below Mars City, my sensors have been acting up. (the scenes then shows the interior of a structure at Mars City where three yellow Mini-Cons, The Energon Saber Team Skyboom, Scattor & Wreckage are watching over a glowing supply of energon underneath in a mine shaft) I sure hope the Autobots will get here soon. We may not have enough firepower to defend on our own.

(cuts back to Ocean City where Optimus, Hot Shot, Inferno & Roadbuster are talking to Dr. Jones and Rad on the monitor)

Dr. Jones: Yes Optimus, there is still some energon on Mars City. We thought it had been completely decimated but a hidden reserve was discovered by a squadron of Omnicons and a trio of Mini-Cons. I was hoping you would send a report team over there to investigate.

Rad: I sent them a signal telling them we’re on our way but they haven’t responded yet.

Dr. Jones: Don’t worry, the area is completely locked down and we’ve taken all the necessary security precautions as well. The Autotroopers are going to investigate, they’ll keep the station posted under any major development.

Optimus Prime: Good, I’m glad to hear that. Let’s get those Omnicons out of Mars City, they’re an easy target and we’re worried our enemies may attack them.

Dr. Jones: Yes I read you, Optimus. But I don’t like the idea of leaving all that energon unguarded.

(Kicker is watching the discussion)

Kicker: (in his mind) He can’t abandon Mars City.

(Dr. Jones hears an electric ring)

Dr. Jones: That’s it, the signal from the troopers at Mars City.

(cuts back to Mars City where the troopers see a shadow in Mars’ atmosphere)

Trooper #1: Intruder! Prepare to fire on my command! (the troopers take out their pistols)

Trooper #2: (holds out his arm) Wait! (the object in the atmosphere is revealed to be Tidal Wave in ship mode as he hovers down) It’s a transformer, I think I’ve seen this one before. It’s Tidal Wave.

Tidal Wave: (hovers down to the surface) Tidal Wave, Tidal Wave, transform! (transforms into his massive robot mode and stands up on his feet)

Trooper #1: (points his gun at Tidal Wave) Hold it, are you friend or foe?

Tidal Wave: Enemy? No, not enemy.

Trooper #1: But you were once a Decepticon, weren’t you?

Tidal Wave: Decepticon no more.

Trooper #1: (lowers his gun) Okay, but what are you doing here? Have you come to guide us back to Earth?

Tidal Wave: You have energon here, yes?

Trooper #1: Yes, we found an undiscovered stash of raw energon not far from here. Why do you ask?

Tidal Wave: Tidal Wave want energon! (his eyes glow bright and he attacks by unleashing a barrage of laser fire from his chest cannons and destroying some of the troopers and the Divebomb and Battle Ravage drones arrive at Mars City; cuts to Tidal Wave bursting through a wall to the mine structure where Skyboom, Scattor & Wreckage are) Must resurrect Galvatron! (blasts his chest cannons at the structure’s interior causing it to shake and crumble as the Energon Saber team transforms into miniature jet modes and fly out of the mine past Tidal Wave and the Terrocons entering in)

(The Terrocons start attacking Mars City with Scorponok in vehicle mode)

Scorponok: You puny Autobots, you cannot defeat me! I am Scorponok! (knocked a couple of troopers out of the way with his massive claws) Surrender all of your energon or suffer my wrath! (laughs maniacally as the Energon Saber team are seen flying out of Mars’ atmosphere)

(Cuts to Ocean City where Demolishor comes out and sees the Autobots from a distance coming out as well)

Demolishor: Huh? Where are those Autobots going?

(Cuts to Hot Shot, Roadbuster & Jetfire running out with Kicker by their side riding Grindor in hoverboard mode)

Jetfire: Get it in gear, Prime squad! We got work to do! Inferno, open up the space bridge.

(All of them stop when they see Optimus right behind them)

Hot Shot: Optimus sir, are you sensing that something’s wrong?

Optimus: Yes, we shouldn’t be leaving the base.

Kicker: What are you talking about, Optimus?

Optimus: It’s a trick, they want us to go into space. That will leave the Earth defenseless.

Jetfire: But the Omnicons on Mars.

Optimus: They’re going to have to make it back on their own. Inferno, send out an emergency order to all Autobots. They are to withdraw all forces and return to Earth or Cybertron. I want all bases on high alert and extra guards on the energon reserves. We may have a big battle ahead of us.

Roadbuster: Optimus sir, so what do you want us to do?

Optimus: This squad will not go to Mars. It will remain at this base and defend Earth’s bases. As your leader, I am asking you to trust me. We’re staying put until further notice. (turns and walks back inside Ocean City; Kicker looks down feeling unhappy)

Hot Shot: Don’t let it get to you, Kicker. Optimus doesn’t like the idea of leaving those Omnicons to fight for themselves any more than you do.

Roadbuster: Hot Shot’s right, it’s a tough decision but its for the best.

(Hot Shot, Roadbuster & Jetfire then start walking back into the city but Kicker turns around on Grindor and flies up to the level where Demolishor is standing, stops and starts looking up at the sky for intruders just as Demolishor walks up)

Demolishor: Hey, what’s happening? Are we going into combat, is the base under attack?

Kicker: Our orders are to sit tight until something happens. (quietly) Come on, show yourselves. I’ll take you all on myself if I have to.

Demolishor: You okay, Kicker?

Kicker: I’m fine. Keep an eye out, we’re supposed to be expecting company. (sees a space bridge opening in the sky and the group of Strongarm and Skyblast Omnicons from Mars come out of the hole and safety land at Ocean City) So Optimus was right. (Then in the sky comes Cyclonus in helicopter mode cackling like a maniac which gets Demolishor’s attention)

Demolishor: Hey, I recognize that cackle anywhere! (runs up to Cyclonus as he’s lowering himself down) It’s Cyclonus!

Cyclonus: Transform! (transforms to robot mode, lands on his feet and he and Demolishor greet each other by putting their arms against each other as a sign of friendship) The one and only!

(Roadbuster hears the commotion and walks out to see what’s happening. He sees Demolishor with Cyclonus)

Roadbuster: Huh, who’s that with Demolishor? (Kicker flies up to Roadbuster on Grindor with his arm out to the side)

Kicker: Take it easy, he’s not an enemy. He’s an old friend of Demolishor’s.

Roadbuster: A friend?

Kicker: Yeah, they go way back.

(Cyclonus then punches Demolishor which knocks him on his back)

Demolishor: Hey, watch it!

Cyclonus: (snickers) Still don’t know how to fight, huh? (laughs)

Demolishor: (gets back up on his feet) Of course I do!

Cyclonus: Oh, I don’t know. I think you’ve spent too much time around Autobots and have gotten soft! (dodges when Demolishor tries to punch back)

Demolishor: I’m just as strong as I ever was, and I’ll prove it to you!

Cyclonus: Easy now, big fella. I wouldn’t want to hurt you. I just want to know if you heard the rumor. (continues hitting and deflecting Demolishor) Galvatron is coming back and he’s going to lead the Decepticon army into a new era! That’s the latest, haven’t you heard? (Cyclonus grabs Demolishor’s fist when he tries to punch)

Demolishor: If that’s true then things could be looking up for us, old friend. (he and Cyclonus both share a laugh; cuts to Kicker and Roadbuster watching)

Roadbuster: What’s with them?

Kicker: Who knows? (looks and sees the Energon Saber Mini-Con team appear in the sky) It’s the Mini-Cons from Mars! (Kicker on Grindor follows them as they fly towards the front of the entrance)

Roadbuster: (smiles) They made it.

(The three Mini-Cons transform and land in front of Optimus, Hot Shot and Jetfire)

Optimus: Welcome Skyboom, it’s good to see you again.

Hot Shot: Skyboom, what’s the situation on Mars?

(Skyboom like most Mini-Cons makes electronic beeping sounds)

Optimus: (knowing what the Mini-Con is saying) I understand. (Kicker & Grindor land down)

Kicker: So what’s going on at Mars City?

Optimus: I’m afraid its a lot worse than I thought.

(cuts to space where the comet that is actually the body of Unicron appears and thousands of Divebomb Terrocons are dropping loads of energon crystals into the body)

Alpha Q: (stern voice) This supply of energon is the abundance we’ve been waiting for, but still not enough. (jolly voice) We must have more, we must have more! (shows Scorponok following the Terrocons and transforms to jet mode and flies toward Unicron’s husk when he hears Alpha Q’s angry voice calling for him) Come to us, Scorponok. We have something for you. (Scorponok flies inside and transforms in front of Alpha Q)

Scorponok: What is it, Alpha Q?

Alpha Q: (jolly voice) We’re glad you asked, follow us! (slithers through the interior of Unicron with Scorponok following until they come across Galvatron’s husk with the glowing purple spark illuminating from his chest; changes to his stern voice) The sleeping one holds more secrets than you know, Scorponok. Inside here is a weapon of unspeakable power and we want to give it to you as a gift for your loyal service. (reaches his claws into the spark and pulls out a long green and purple energon sword; changes to his angry voice) Yes, created from the energon within Galvatron’s spark, it is a very special weapon indeed. (jolly voice) This is no ordinary blade, this is the Spark Saber! (laughs as he hands the long sword to Scorponok; changes to his stern voice) Wield this against the Autobots and they will fall at your feet.

Scorponok: (looking over the Spark Saber in his claws) Very impressive, I shall put it to good use. (raises the sword up high)

Alpha Q: (angry voice) Nothing will stand in our way now! (stern voice) Use this weapon to take all of the energon that exists on Earth. (all of the heads start laughing maniacally)

(cuts to night time back at Ocean City where the Autobots in the main sector hear an alarm)

Optimus: Earth is under attack! (turns to Inferno at the controls) Inferno, which Earth city is it?

Inferno: (locks onto the attack coordinates on the screen) Plains City, sir!

Optimus: Autobots, let’s roll out!

(cuts to outside where Strongarm & Skyblast give Optimus, Hot Shot, Roadbuster & Jetfire power boosts with energon stars just before Demolishor, Cyclonus & the Energon Saber team come running out of the base to the Autobots)

Cyclonus: Hey, wait up!

Demolishor: We’re coming too!

Optimus: The Omnicons have a small assortment of energon and we already absorbed it. Sorry but you’ll have to stay and guard the city.

Cyclonus: Time’s may have changed but there is no way I’m gonna take orders from an Autobot!

Demolishor: Yeah, we’re itching for a piece of the action too!

Cyclonus & Demolishor: Transform! (transform into their respective helicopter and tank vehicle modes and head towards the space bridge ramp)

Optimus: (turns to see the Energon Saber Mini-cons wanting to join in) Sorry, but its too dangerous for Mini-Cons like you. (Kicker flies up to Optimus on Grindor)

Kicker: But they saw what happened to their friends on Mars, they deserve a chance to get even. Please Optimus, we need their help.

Optimus: I understand. I’ll accept. (turns to the others) Okay men, let’s go!

Autobots: Sir!

(cuts to Plains City where the space bridge opens up in the sky and Cyclonus & Demolishor come out. Then the next shot shows Scorponok (holding the Spark Saber) and Tidal Wave in the air as the Terrocons attack the city)

Scorponok: There is energon here and we are going to take it! Let nothing stand in your way! (The Battle Ravage & Divebomb Terrocons attack Plains City and the Autobot troopers trying to defend it) The defenses are weak, soon it will be ours! Tidal Wave, follow me! (flies down)

Tidal Wave: Energon! (follows Scorponok)

(Demolishor is seen perched on the ground and blowing up flying Terrocons around him while Cyclonus is flying through the air doing the same thing to Terrocons all around him while laughing)

(Optimus, Hot Shot, Jetfire & Roadbuster (with Kicker in the driver’s seat) then arrive through the space bridge)

Optimus: Here’s the plan: Hot Shot, try and draw the Terrocons away from the city, that will give me room to secure the energon.

Hot Shot: Roger. (drives off toward Plains City)

Optimus: Kicker, Roadbuster, I want you to take the Mini-Cons and go set up a perimeter around the entrance to the city. I believe all the civilians have been evacuated, but in case there are any left, I want you to make sure they get out safetly, understand?

Roadbuster: Sir! (drives off with the Energon Saber Mini-Cons following behind toward Plains City)

(Optimus Prime Super Mode Powerlinking sequence)

Scorponok: We’ll be inside the walls of the city in no time! (cuts to Hot Shot who spots Scorponok while driving fast towards him)

Hot Shot: That’s him, that’s their leader! (driving even more fast towards him)

Scorponok: Let’s see what this sword can do. (raises the Spark Saber and swings it so hard it sends out a flaming wind whiplash that sets the plains grass on fire)

Hot Shot: Oh no! (dodges the flames and the fire destroys some Battle Ravage Terrocons nearby on the grass. Scorponok swings the sword again sending out another flaming whiplash which destroys part of Plains City’s exterior. The impacts rumbles the interior of the city where Roadbuster, Kicker & the Mini-Cons are and causes Roadbuster to come to a stop which accidentally knocks Kicker out of his seat)

Roadbuster: Sorry, Kicker! My bad.

Kicker: (gets back up on his feet) I wonder what’s going on out there. I hope they’re okay. (tries sensing others in the city; nothing) I don’t sense anyone in here. That means everyone got out to safety.

(cuts to Scorponok who creates a third flaming whiplash which violently shakes the stone bridge Optimus is on)

Jetfire: Commander!

Optimus: I’m alright. They still got us outnumbered, I’m going to see what’s left of the energon.

Jetfire: Roger that! (flies off and shoots at the Terrocons attacking)

Scorponok: (turns and sees Optimus on the bridge and begins walking towards him) Optimus Prime! (cuts to Tidal Wave who’s destroying parts of the city with his chest cannons)

Tidal Wave: Galvatron lives! (Optimus hears him)

Optimus: (to himself) He mentioned something about reviving Galvatron last time. (shocked) Wait! No, it can’t be! Could that mean that Galvatron may still be alive?

Demolishor: (hears it also) What, Galvatron is still alive?! Does that mean the rumors are true?

Tidal Wave: We need energon for his resurrection.

Cyclonus: No problem! (cackles and flies behind Jetfire and starts firing at him)

Jetfire: (dodges his shots) You traitor!

(Scorponok walks to Optimus and tries to swing the sword to destroy Optimus with a flaming lash but Optimus dodges it. Cuts to Roadbuster, Kicker & the Mini-cons making their way out of the heavily damaged structure of Plains City. Kicker gets out of Roadbuster to see a majority of Plains City engulfed in flames)

Kicker: What a disaster! Plains City is history! We got to help the others! (The three Mini-cons transform to jet modes then fly up into the air and go through a transformation sequence where they combine to form a big shiny yellow energon sword, the Energon Saber as Roadbuster & Kicker watch the whole thing; in amazement) Whoa!

(cuts back to Scorponok walking closer to Optimus as his energon star is starting to fade)

Scorponok: The power of your energon star is running out, now you’re all mine!

(cuts to Kicker holding the Energon Saber)

Kicker: This is incredible! (A Battle Ravage pounces from the flames and Kicker blocks it with the Energon Saber which knocks it down across the ground with ease) That was easy! (looks to see a few more around him) Come get some! (The Energon Saber then lifts up out of his hands and floats down in front of him like a hoverboard) Oh, I get it! (hops on the sword which then zooms forward with Kicker riding it like a hoverboard and knocking the Terrocons out of the way)

(Roadbuster starts fighting a few Terrocons around him until Jetfire lands down behind him)

Jetfire: Roadbuster! Do you think you’re ready to link up with me now? Come on, let’s Powerlink!

Roadbuster: Right here, right now? (then he flashes back to the advice that Inferno gave him)

Inferno: (flashback) In order to get something done, you have to believe in yourself. (flashes back to present)

Roadbuster: (gains a confident look) I’m ready!

Jetfire: Just remember to feel the pulse of your combination spark!

Roadbuster: Right

(Powerlink sequence: Roadbuster & Jetfire)

Roadbuster: (impressed) I did it! It really worked! (punches a Battle Ravage that pounces at him)

Kicker: Roadbuster, grab this! (jumps off the Energon Saber as it flies toward Roadbuster and Roadbuster grabs hold of it in his hand. Gives Roadbuster a thumbs up) It’s all yours, buddy!

(cuts back to Scorponok trying to attack Optimus again while Optimus is trying to resist)

Scorponok: It’s over now, you’re out of strength!

Optimus: (straining) Prime force! (his vehicle drones disconnect from his body and launch themselves at Scorponok before he destroys them with the Spark Saber and charges one last time at Optimus with it until Roadbuster (linked with Jetfire) jumps in and blocks the attack with the Energon Saber)

Scorponok: You again!?

(Scorponok and Roadbuster both try to knock each other back with their own swords until Roadbuster hears Inferno’s words)

Inferno: (voice in Roadbuster’s head) You have to believe in yourself.

(Roadbuster then gains strength and pushes the Energon Saber forward and knocking the Spark Saber out of Scorponok’s claws which lands in front of Tidal Wave who picks it up and looks at it)

Tidal Wave: Galvatron will be resurrected.

(cuts back to Roadbuster with the Energon Saber pointed out at Scorponok)

Roadbuster: You attacked our friends at Mars City and now you’re gonna pay!

Scorponok: You don’t scare me! You call that thing a weapon? Brace yourself, this is might sting a little! (transforms to his scorpion-like vehicle mode and knocks Roadbuster on his back with his stinger tail and goes for another strike until Optimus grabs onto his tail and restrains it)

Optimus: (straining) Roadbuster, this is your chance! Do it! (Roadbuster gets back up and raises the Energon Saber over his head about to hit Scorponok back until Scorponok breaks free)

Scorponok: Transform! (transforms to jet mode and flies away with Tidal Wave, Cyclonus & the remaining Terrocons following him as they escape through a space bridge) Retreat!

(Roadbuster tries running after him)

Roadbuster: Oh no, you don’t!

Optimus: Roadbuster, don’t go after him. You did good, soldier.

(Kicker & Hot Shot then run up to Roadbuster as he and Jetfire disconnect to their individual forms)

Hot Shot: He’s right, Roadbuster. You showed great bravery and you now have a new weapon. You remind me of myself back then.

Kicker: Nice work, partner.

Roadbuster: Gee thanks, guys. (hears Inferno’s voice as he communicates with Roadbuster from the base)

Inferno: (voice) I saw the whole thing on the monitor and you showed spirit and courage on the battlefield. I salute you for your bravery, soldier. (cuts to Inferno saluting Roadbuster)

Roadbuster: Thanks for inspiring me. (salutes back; cuts back to Inferno who smiles)

Jetfire: Nice job, Roadbuster. You’re quite the bot! (he and Roadbuster fistbump)

(the scene then transitions to a calm scene of Optimus and Roadbuster looking out at the grassy plains blowing in the wind on what remains of Plains City)

Optimus: Thank you, Roadbuster. You saved my life. The Decepticons escaped but I know they’ll be back soon. We’ll have to be ready. We must focus on the future and what we have to do.

Roadbuster: Yes, Optimus. I understand, I understand.

Optimus: If we focus on the future, I just know we can win this war.

(End Credits)








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                                                        12.Are you a man or a mouse?
                                                    13.Can you do a barrel roll?

                                                                MY questions

                                                             1. Favorite discord group?

                                                             2. Saddest moment in movie/show/book/game?
                                                             3. Favorite/least villain?

                                                             4. Favorite Community?
                                                             5. Favorite pizza combinations?
                                                             6. Favorite youtuber?

                                                             7. Favorite Deviant-artist?
                                                             8.  Dogs or cats?
                                                             9. The most cringiest thing ever seen?
                                                            10. Funniest thing ever seen?

                                                            11. Most shocking thing that happened?

                                                            12. Most boring thing in the world?

                                                            13. Weirdest thing ever done?

                                   I shall tag :icon123emilymason: :iconglacie-the-glaceon::iconbittyheart::iconcherryblossomsnivy::iconwariotheinflator:@Mushroomcute64 :iconzzinthine: :iconalipatchymari: :iconparallaxthedarkone: :iconthesapphireminer: :iconangelofinflation::iconpvzfan26::icondrherr:


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Greetings. My name is Zillaman but you can call me Kevin feel free to look around my profile :3

DA: Friends:titl
Good Friends of mine:


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